Thursday 3 January 2019

Dr Brian Trainor Memorial Lecture Fund

The Ulster Historical Fundation ( has announced a new fundraiser initiative for the proposed Dr Brian Trainor Memorial Lecture, which will take place each year or every two years (details to be confirmed).

Dr Brian Trainor, a formerDirector of PRONI in Belfast, passed away in August 2018, aged 90. The UHF site provides a full obituary for Dr Trainor, whose contribution to the world of Irish genealogy is summarised within the opening paragraph:

Brian Trainor devoted much of his professional life and indeed his thirty-year retirement to making good the almost-irreparable damage done to Irish archives by the destruction of the Four Courts during the Civil War in 1922. Initially as archivist from the mid-1950s, then Director of the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland 1970-1987 and as Chairman of the Irish Manuscripts Commission and of the National Archives Advisory Committee, he was at the forefront of the campaign to improve the quality and awareness of historical sources whose availability and interpretation have played such a vital role in the improved understanding of the island's past.

The aim of the lecture fund is to establish the Dr Brian Trainor Memorial Lecture:

The Dr Brian Trainor Memorial Lecture will be delivered by an eminent historian of Irish history who may, or may not, be based in an academic institution on this island.

The topic of the lecture will relate to an aspect of Irish history, with a particular focus on archival sources in recognition of Dr Trainor’s huge contribution to developing, preserving and promoting archives.

Though the lecture will be delivered to an academic standard, it will be aimed at a general audience in recognition of Dr Trainor’s desire to see archives opened up to everyone.

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