Thursday 31 January 2019

Phil Spencer’s History of Britain in 100 Homes

For those intersted in house history, there's a new series out on More 4, entitled Phil Spencer: History of Britain in 100 Homes, which may be of interest. From Channel 4 (

More4 commissions Phil Spencer’s History of Britain in 100 Homes

In an ambitious new series for More4, Phil Spencer will be taking a grand tour of the country’s most historical households in a bid to tell the story of Britain in 100 Homes.

Phil will unearth our nation’s architectural ancestry through 100 properties across the country. Each home will tell a story, from our agricultural past to the innovation in industry that shaped the Britain we know today.

In each episode, Phil will look back at how we used to live and why, as he meets the current occupants of these interesting homes and reveal the broader historical impact of who lived there, why it was built and how it was constructed.

On his journey visiting these incredible 100 homes, Phil will visit an array of properties spanning castles, cottages, stately homes and social housing that still stand as living history and are still much-loved homes today.

Phil Spencer’s History of Britain in 100 Homes (8x60’) was commissioned for More4 by Features Commissioning Editor Clemency Green.

Phil says “It’s a real privilege to be travelling the UK for More4. I can’t wait to tell the story of Britain’s social history, architecture, agriculture and industry through the houses we’ve built and lived in. It’s going to be a sumptuous and revealing journey of the most interesting homes packed with layers of intrigue and focussing on how our homes have adapted to social change over the centuries.”

Production Company: Raise the Roof Productions
Executive Producers: Andrew Jackson and Jo Scott
Commissioning Editor, Features: Clemency Green

And here's the blurb for the first episode, which was shown last night at 9pm on More 4:

Episode 1 - From Cave Dwellers to Home Makers
Over 13,000 years of homes, from 11,000 BC to the 1600s. Phil reveals 13 homes of all shapes, sizes and styles, from primitive prehistoric pads to houses built as status symbols.

You can catch up on the first episode on All 4 at Predominantly featuring English based homes, with tales on witchcraft, priest holes, and more, the programme did also briefly also visit Bellaghy Bawn in Co. Londonderry, and the Loch Tay Crannog in Perthshire, with Programme 2 set to visit New Lanark in Lanarkshire also. Highly recommended!

The series continues on Wed Feb 6th at 9pm on More 4.


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