Sunday 6 January 2019

Irish Newspaper Archives - discount and 2019 plans

From the Irish Newspaper Archives (

Here at Irish Newspaper Archives the years can roll by pretty fast when your everyday task is about capturing decades worth of publications in a matter of hours and days!! Slowing things down a little and looking back over 2018 we have seen the release of some great newspaper titles.

2018 Publication Releases:

The Dublin Journal 1733 - 1825* The Offaly Independent 1920 - 2019 * The Westmeath Independent 1848 - 2019 * The Waterford News & Star 1848 - 2019 * The Belfast Newsletter 1939 – 1949 * The Drogheda Independent 1884 - 1891 +1905 * The Dundalk Democrat 2000 – 2001 * Irish Daily Independent 1893 - 1904 * Limerick Chronicle1994 - 1812/2001.

We are happy to say that 2019 is shaping up to offer even more content than ever before. Over the years we have received numerous requests from our members asking for the titles that we have scheduled in for 2019. Take a look below at the exciting new archives due for release during 2019.

We hope you can all continue your research and make new discoveries with Irish Newspaper Archives.

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The Evening Press * The Sunday Press * The Belfast Telegraph * The Belfast Newsletter 1950 + * The Nationalist & Munster Advertiser * Tipperary Star * The Cork Evening Echo and our work on sourcing and finding gaps in the existing archive continues with the Limerick Leader 1970 -79 * Limerick Chronicle 1766+.

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