Tuesday, 22 January 2019

New feedback facility for TNA's research guides

The National Archives (www.nationalarchives.gov.uk) based in England has a new online feedback widget for users to use to make comments about issues with the archive's online research guides, which are the primary finding aids produced for its catalogue, Discovery.

From the archive:

In the digital team, we’re interested in finding out if there are improvements we can make to help users locate assistance in research guides before they are obliged to contact us via phone, email or web chat (or abandon their journey). We have stats about which guides are viewed, but we currently have no means of gathering qualitative feedback at scale about whether or not users have located what they were looking for.

We’ve been working on a way to collect this qualitative data by creating a feedback widget, which now sits on every research guide page. This widget allows you to quickly and anonymously let us know whether you found the help you needed.

It’s a quicker way for users to send us feedback while they’re using the research guides – as opposed to filling in a survey, or contacting us – and it’s less intrusive than a pop-up. It’s also a permanent fixture of the page for as long as we need to collect data.

You will find the feedback tool at the right hand column beside the guide, looking something like this:

For more on the story visit https://blog.nationalarchives.gov.uk/blog/feedback-form-research-guides/.


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