Saturday, 7 July 2012

Durham Records Online update

From Durham Records Online (, latest releases on the site:

Ryhope baptisms 1849-1860 and 1855 burials
259 baptisms at Ryhope St. Paul in Sunderland district, to complement the set that went online 2 weeks ago.

Washington baptisms 1600-1767
2,925 baptisms at Washington Holy Trinity in Chester-le-Street district, from the beginning of the register in 1600 to the end of 1767.

Hamsterley baptisms 1819-1856 & burials 1820-1856
At Hamsterley St. James in Auckland district:
1,269 baptisms covering 1819-1856
796 burials covering 1820-1856

Satley burials 1852-1895
618 burials at Satley St. Cuthbert in Lanchester district, covering 1852-1895.

Marriage bonds 1775-1779 updated with full details
Replaced the index to marriage bonds in the years 1775-1779 with full details, so those 2,320 records are now instantly available, including 2 new bonds that we had missed the first time around.

Coming soon:
  • Norton baptisms & burials 1762-1791
  • Durham St. Giles baptisms & burials 1848-1857
  • Wallsend baptisms 1901-1930
  • South Shields St Hilda burials 1798-1812

And further down the road:
  • earlier Durham St. Giles, Aycliffe, Newcastle All Saints, Bishopwearmouth baptisms

(With thanks to Holly Cochran)


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