Monday 9 July 2012

Scotland's Forgotten War: Korea

BBC Scotland news presenter Jackie Bird presents a documentary tonight entitled Scotland's Forgotten War, which looks back at the Korean War of the 1950s. Accompanying the film is a short article available at In the programme Jackie meets many veterans who describe the apathy they received on their return home - "We were only young... we'd start to talk about our war and be told: 'Away lad, that was nothing... I was at Dunkirk'. So we just stopped talking about it." She also accompanies veterans on a trip to Korea.

Scotland's Forgotten War will be broadcast at 22:35 on BBC Scotland (the channel is available on the Sky platform if you don't live in Scotland). It will also be available for the next seven days on BBC iPlayer.

UPDATE: If the Korean War, with no victory, can be so forgotten today - with 1090 UK dead, more than Afghanistan, Iraq and Falklands combined - then how will history remember Afghanistan and Iraq six decades from now? Absolutely. An absolutely brilliant programme, well worth checking out on the BBC iPlayer. Well done Jackie.


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