Monday, 2 July 2012

Society of Genealogists fellowships

At the London AGM of the Society of Genealogists ( June 25th, Geoff Swinfield and Jan Gow QSM were both honoured with fellowships by the society - a huge congratulations to both! Geoff has since tweeted (@GeoffatGSGS) that he was "very honoured" to have received the fellowship, whilst a photo of Jan receiving her certificate is available on the New Zealand Society of Genealogists Facebook page at

Of course, the chances of bumping into such illustrious stalwarts of the genealogy world on a wet and miserable day miles north in Glasgow are quite remote for a wee paddy in Largs - unless of course, like me, you just happened to have been in the Mitchell Library to do a quick look-up in the poor law records! It turned out that Jan was in fact also in the archive doing some research, and so we went for a quick cup of tea to catch up, having last bumped into each other at Sydney Airport last December following the Unlock the Past cruise. It is a very small world...! 

As you can see from the picture below, Jan is still beaming from having received the fellowship, which she was absolutely thrilled about receiving!


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